ORION mainnet officially launched, a new generation of blockchain development platform released!

On November 23, 2020, the long-awaited ORION was officially released, injecting new vitality into blockchain development.

ORION mainnet


The birth of ORION

Since the development of Web2.0, the closure of applications has been criticized, and the current blockchain has not broken this spell — — it is still an “island” and cannot interoperate with other chains, whether message transmission or other interactions. Even with development platforms such as Ethereum and cross-chain channels such as Polkadot, interoperability between applications in different development languages is still not well realized.

So there is ARROW. ARROW is a public chain and a general blockchain development platform. It integrates multiple development languages to meet the development of various language projects; It also integrates EVM modules, allowing developers to rent for a small fee or create new intelligent contracts to serve their projects.

ORION was ARROW’s forerunner. Developers can build and test ARROW on ORION to prepare for its launch.

ORION settings

The significance of Orion is anchored in two aspects:

As a pre-release network. The network planning and underlying technology of ORION and ARROW are almost the same, and even the economic environment is set in accordance with ARROW. Therefore, you can develop and test any project or iterate on ARROW you want that on ORION first, then arrange it on ARROW. This ensures that the project runs smoothly and in line with expectations in ARROW.

As an early network. ORION, with its extremely speed and low costs, is a good place for immature teams to carry out a lot of innovation and practice on it to help them iterate and develop into mature teams.

In addition, there are several features:

Transparency. In ORION, decisions are made openly and transparently, from miners’ benefits to the execution of the proposal. In addition, with the assistance of intelligent contracts, these benefits are automatically assigned by intelligent contracts, which are recorded on the chain and monitored by the whole network to ensure the interests and fairness of all roles in the network.

Unlimited issuance. Meanwhile, to keep the network running, ORION ‘s economic model is set for unlimited issuance — total increases as blocks are added. This is because a large proportion of ORI in ORION is pledged and rented and locked up in the network. This has the advantage, however, of adding value to the on-chain project itself — message validation is performed by ORION and on-chain projects do not need to worry about such issues.

Muti-function. As a blockchain, ORION not only implements the blockchain development set by it, but also assists in the construction of various language projects. At the same time, because of its language integration, it can also serve as a bridge and become an important member of the cross-chain. The existing blockchain can be bridged through ORION. In the future, it will also play a key role in various ecology, especially in finance.

The future of ORION

ORION, as ARROW’s pioneer, can be compared with Polkadot’s Kusama, which is a self-contained system and operates independently as a parallel chain of ARROW. However, its functions remain unchanged, providing a pre-production environment and development network for ARROW’s project.

With the enhancement of its role and the expansion of its influence, we believe that the value of ORION will be further explored and enhanced in the future.



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