The new basic construction for Polkadot’s Ecology — ORION

As is well-known, Polkadot is a blockchain with the purpose of cross-chain functionality. Now Polkadot’s main net has already started and its ecology has been growing. The auction of Polkadot’s parachain slots may be opened by the end of the year.
So what does the Polkadot’s ecology have become? It can be broadly divided into: oracle machines, DAO, bridges, data, privacy, DeFi, smart contracts, a faster speed, IOT, games, wallets, infrastructure, browsers, forums, and authenticators. However, it can be found that these applications are still tied to the development language, so applications cannot communicate and cooperate directly with each other.

At present, Orion, another member of the Polkadot’s ecology, released the ORION white paper, announcing its debut as an advance network for ARROW( a member of Polkadot’s ecology). Besides, it strives to become the new basic construction of Polkadot’s ecology. Based on this, ORION anchors the common development platform at first.

ORION is a collection of blockchain and development languages of applications, providing egm module compatibility, building smart contracts, and using the Substrate framework. Those designs make ORION the most convenient way for developers to build applications for the Polkadot’s ecology.
ORION fits perfectly with its requirements particularly in the construction of DeFi protocols. The existing DeFi protocols in the current Polkadot ecology are difficult to work well together due to the development language and environment, while the DeFi products built in ORION network can complete the ‘Lego building’ smoothly, improving mobility and ensuring real decentralization at the same time.

As the ORION network grows, more projects will be added to the ORION network, more cross-chain assets will become available, and more functionality will be required. More financial products will be created to meet these needs, such as a program designed to provide mobility for Staking, which enables cross-chain asset interactions, mobility, and optimization transactions.
As an advance network, ORION is a pre-production network as well as a network at early stage. In ORION, developers can boldly implement their ideas, iterate on their products, test various functionality, and upgrade their own/team’s skills without worrying about the risks and influence on users. This is the most important feature of ORION.
The products built by ORION will migrate to the ARROW network and eventually be connected to the Polkadot’s ecology and become part of it. In the end, ARROW will become the parachain of Polkadot, and applications will interact with other projects through Polkadot, which then constitutes the real Web 3.0.



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